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Campus Master Plan

At Spring Arbor University we bring extraordinary lives to light by uncovering the unique, God-given gifts each student brings to our college community. Hearts, minds and souls are transformed through the redemptive work of Christ, manifested through the prayers, words and actions of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. Scripture teaches us that place matters, and where we come from impacts who we are becoming. It is our dream that our physical space would match the quality of our faculty and students. As a part of our master plan, we are identifying key areas for improvement on our campus. Improvements to campus would address visibility for visitors and help define the perimeter of SAU.

We call our students to be critical participants in a contemporary world, and now, we are asking you to be a critical participant by dreaming alongside us as we envision the future. Please pray with and for us, offer feedback to us, and find ways to show support for us.

Please contact with questions and your feedback.