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Muffitt Hall Demolition

Muffitt Hall has been a special home and safe haven for many women over its 78-year history. Over the years, the foundation has taken on irreparable damage, and this summer the decision was made to demolish the building, as it no longer meets the needs of our current students. This process will take place starting Monday, October 21.

Our President, Dr. Brent Ellis, has prepared a video to share with you about this decision.

In honor of all women who have lived in the hall and the memories that they have shared — their late-night conversations, hours of studying, missed alarm clocks and inside jokes and the lifelong friendships that were formed — we would like to offer any alumni, parents and friends the opportunity to purchase a commemorative engraved brick from Muffitt Hall. The proceeds from these bricks will help fund a Muffitt memorial. To order your brick or make a gift toward the memorial, please visit Orders can be placed through December 31, 2019.

Former residents of Muffitt Hall, we invite you to join our Facebook page “Memories of Muffitt” as a way to share photos and memories!