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Covid-19 August 14 Academic Calendar Update

SAU Community–

In preparation for the Fall semester, we have made revisions to the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar that will allow us to provide the best and safest learning experience for our students. The revised version of the 2020-21 Academic Calendar for Campus Undergraduate Programs is now available here.  

The first day of classes remains Tuesday, September 1, but the semester will end one week earlier on Friday, December 11. There are a few more notable changes for the days in-between that we wanted to bring to your attention:

Hands-On Learning Days

We are designating two Saturdays in September, 9/12 and 9/26, as “Hands-On Learning Days.” Selected labs and other hands-on learning activities that would normally be held later in the semester will be moved up in September to front-load these activities as early in the semester as possible. A schedule of the specific labs and classes that are impacted will be made available by August 24.

Breaks Adjusted

In an effort to end the semester earlier, we have shortened and/or adjusted some break times. The following alterations will allow us to end the Fall semester one week earlier, on December 11.

  • Labor Day – Classes and labs will be held (though offices remain closed).
  • Fall Break – Instead of a 2-day Fall Break, we will have a September Break Day on September 30 and an October Break Day on October 27 with no classes planned for those days. These are designed to give students and faculty a brief break more spread out throughout the semester.
  • Thanksgiving Break – will be reduced to Wednesday through Friday of Thanksgiving week, instead of the full week. Note: the residence halls will remain open throughout Thanksgiving Break.

Post-Thanksgiving Instruction

After Thanksgiving Break, the residence halls, dining facilities, and other support offices will remain open, but the final two weeks of classes and final exams will be held remotely via Zoom (except for selected nursing clinicals). More information will be provided from Residence Life for those students who plan to complete the semester remotely and not to return to campus between Thanksgiving Break and Finals.

No changes have been made at this point to the calendars of the Interim or Spring semesters.

For questions about the revised academic calendar, please contact Kathryn Stolz in Academic Affairs at