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COVID-19 Apr. 5 Update

SAU Residential Students,

We hope this note finds you well today. As indicated in our previous email, our leadership has been meeting to address opportunities for housing and meal plan adjustments. You may know that our standard policies do not allow for refunds past 6 weeks; however, we understand these are exceptional times and want to honor our students and families experiencing difficulties related to this transition. Residential students who were no longer living on campus by March 22 will receive a 45% refund of the spring semester room and/or board charges.

  • This refund will be issued as a credit reflected on your Fall 2020 statement.
  • Students with an outstanding balance this Spring will have this credit first applied to that balance, and any amount in excess will be applied to the Fall 2020 statement.
  • Students who are graduating this spring will have their credit posted to their student account by May 15.

Students who petitioned to remain on-campus after March 22 will receive a separate notification about their unique situation. If you have questions regarding this announcement, please contact