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COVID-19 Mar. 16 Staff & Faculty Announcement

Spring Arbor University’s Faculty and Staff:

As we work together during these unprecedented times in our nation and higher education, the SAU HR team would like to share information as it relates to providing alternative work arrangements and support for employees to care for themselves and members of their families who may be impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Please take a few minutes to read through the information below so that you are prepared for the weeks ahead. Along with educating and caring for our students, your wellness is one of our top priorities. We are doing everything we can to reduce the burden of this situation on you and your family.

SAU will be transitioning various staff members to remote operations over the next few days. Your area vice president will be working with your supervisor to communicate this transition. During this period of time, employees will be compensated for their normal scheduled hours. Employees should work closely with their supervisors during this time for work assignments. Non-exempt employees will need to utilize the Paycor system for recording time.

ALL SAU EMPLOYEES: In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, SAU will be providing up to 80 hours of previously approved Emergency Time Off (ETO) to full-time employees and a prorated amount for part-time employees. ETO is available if you are unable to perform your designated duties due to the following situations:

  • Employees under self-quarantine upon diagnosis with coronavirus or complying with a recommendation or order by a public health official or healthcare provider to be physically absent from the job site because of exposure to or symptoms of coronavirus. 
  • Seeking a diagnosis or medical care after experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Providing care to a “family member” or residing with someone who is self-isolating because of exposure to symptoms or diagnosis of coronavirus, or caring for a child whose school or child care provider is closed or otherwise unavailable due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Please note this new travel restriction for SAU employees: All college-sponsored international and domestic travel is suspended until further notice. These restrictions do not apply to personal travel. However, you are strongly encouraged to anticipate potential travel issues that could include delays and require self-quarantine upon return. If you are traveling out of the state or country for personal reasons, please notify All cross-cultural trips scheduled for May have been canceled. 


The following applies to all full- and part-time regularly scheduled employees. SAU operations will remain with the following updates in place:

  • SAU understands that during remote operations or if you are an essential staff identified to work on-site; you may need time off related to the coronavirus to care for themselves, a family member or for child-care. Employees should utilize ETO time for such needs. If the employee uses all of their ETO time; employees may utilize sick time and then utilize sick reserve time if necessary.
  • All employees are expected to report to work on-site or remotely during this period. As different needs for the institution emerge, employees may be asked to temporarily step into different roles to fill gaps and help sustain the SAU experience for our students. If an employee’s work has been greatly reduced due to the smaller on-campus population and additional work responsibilities are not designated, upon supervisor and vice president approval, they may be sent home with normal pay, either working reduced hours or no hours.
  • Other situations that arise that are not mentioned here will be handled on a case-by-case basis with area vice president/supervisor/HR approval.

FACULTY COMPENSATION/TIME-OFF NEEDS: SAU has transitioned all faculty to online instruction. If you are unable to work during this time due to illness related to COVID-19 or to care for a member of your family due to COVID-19, you may utilize (Emergency Time Off). SAU will be providing 80 hours of Emergency Time Off (ETO) to faculty and a protracted amount for part-time faculty. If any faculty become unable to teach and/or respond to students due to illness or other COVID-19-related events, they should notify their department chair and dean to ensure class coverage. Other situations that arise that are not mentioned here will be handled on a case-by-case basis with manager approval. Individuals will need to request approval of utilizing ETO by the department chair and dean. 


Paychecks: If you have not previously signed up for direct deposit of your paycheck, now is the time! Please log in to your Paycor account and do this right away. The HR team is confident that we can process direct deposits remotely and payrolls will remain on schedule. You can access your Paycor account to view 2020 paystubs. 

Timecard Approvers: If you are away from campus, please remember to approve your student and hourly timecards. Remember you can login to your Paycor account remotely to access your departments’ timecards and time-off requests.  Payrolls will following the normal payroll schedules and timecards will need approvals in a timely manner.

Hourly employees, don’t forget to punch hours worked, even if you are working off-site!

Tracking Illness

It is very important the university keep track of numbers of those ill with COVID-19 or those asked to self-quarantine.

  • If you or a person in your home has been asked to quarantine due to COVID-19 by a medical professional or health department, please notify HR at
  • If you or a person in your home is self-isolating due to potential exposure of COVID-19, please notify HR at
  • If you are ill with COVID-19, make sure you stay home until cleared or confirmation can occur (if possible). In either case, please notify HR at


If students remain on campus and desire to continue working, student employees may continue working. 

The same restrictions and guidelines regarding hours worked per week will still apply and the student should continue to report hours worked on their timecard in the normal manner. 

SAU values you and your loved ones. The primary goal of SAU and the HR team is to make sure you are well cared for during this unprecedented time so you can then provide the best service to the SAU students and others in the community. SAU values each of you and wants to provide you with resources to care for you and your family during concerns around the coronavirus.

Please carefully review the benefits information attachment along with the other attached documents which provide clarification regarding SAU benefit plans. Please reach out to HR if you have more questions.

Thank you, and God bless you!

SAU Human Resources Team, Coronavirus Planning Team, and SAU Cabinet