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COVID-19 Mar. 25 Update

SAU Community,

We understand that Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21 [PDF] –requiring Michigan residents to stay home until April 13 at 11:59 p.m. except for completing certain tasks or performing necessary employment functions–has created some questions related to the SAU community’s access to the campus and our buildings. To honor the spirit and letter of this decree, SAU administrators have identified those workers who are “strictly necessary” or have roles that support SAU’s “critical infrastructure,” the two categories of exception allowed for in the Order. If you are on one of these two lists, you have been notified, and official communication will come from HR that will document this in case you are asked by local or county officials. All other employees are asked to work remotely and not to enter University facilities.

To clarify, only those employees within the categories of “strictly necessary” or “critical infrastructure” may access University facilities. And even then, they may only be present while performing their functions that fall under those categories. Any presence in a University building outside of those purposes is in violation of the Executive Order.

To assist us in the enforcement of this aspect of the order, we are locking our buildings. Authorized individuals who need access to a space will need to use their keys or request assistance from Campus Safety. The Oak Tree doors of the Student Center (by the Cougar Den) will be unlocked from 5 minutes before a meal time until 5 minutes after a meal time to accommodate students receiving carryout food.

The only exception to campus activity would be for outdoor recreation in which a 6-foot radius could be maintained: walking on the track or on campus grounds, playing tennis or individuals shooting hoops on the court outside Lowell Hall. A pick-up game of basketball, however, would not be permitted because of the proximity of players.

Students if you have questions regarding this update, please don’t hesitate to e-mail and we will reply as quickly as possible. 

Thank you for your help in meeting the requirements of the governor’s Executive Order.