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OIR Student Support

Spring Arbor University has a host of departments and organizations that serve as great resources for your learning, growth, and support. Below is a listing of just a few of the ones available to you.

Academic Support

Academic Support Center

Academic Support Center is a learning center that offers a variety of services that empower students to maximize their learning experience at SAU. The personal attention helps link students to resources to assist with studying, writing, addressing learning challenges and making adjustments to the academic culture. Please take a moment to peruse this site and learn more about how Academic Support Center can help make your academic experience a success.

Cross Cultural Studies

The ability to function in cross-cultural settings is no longer a luxury, nor just a good idea. It has become a necessary skill in the ever-shrinking global village. The CCS program at Spring Arbor University (SAU) exposes students to learning about, observing, and participating in cross cultural, on-site situations (mostly overseas). Students are exposed to the five major social institutions – economics, education, the family, government and religion (found in any culture) – and the cultural elements by which those institutions are articulated: architecture, artifacts, crafts, eco-diversity, fine arts, language, leisure activities and music.

ESL Academic Support

Students whose primary language is something other than English may need assistance in fulfilling reading, writing, listening (note taking), or speaking requirements in any course. You are invited to meet with ASC personnel for assistance. Dr. Bonita Miller will work with you on your course adaptations. Go to ESL Academic Support Section.

Peer Tutoring

Our peer tutoring program is available upon request to any student wishing for assistance in studying for a difficult course. Tutors meet weekly with individuals, pairs or small groups to enhance student understanding in numerous specific courses. This service is free. Call ext. 1481 or come to Academic Support Center in Sayre-DeCan Hall Room 103 to arrange for a tutor.

Testing Center

Students who need accommodation at SAU may receive special permission to take tests in the office of Academic Support Center. In our new setting, improved testing areas are private and comfortable. Accommodations may be established for students according to ADA guidelines. In such cases, professors are notified but students must schedule appointment times for tests.

Campus students: call Barb Coleman for arrangements ext. 1481 or 800-968-0011. Professors and ASC staff will plan to have the tests available when scheduled. Guidelines for the testing environment will be explained to each student.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center exists to help members of the Spring Arbor University community grow as writers. In keeping with The Concept, we offer space for students to learn in community by engaging in conversations about all aspects of writing and critical thinking.

We fulfill this mission through one-on-one consultations with students, workshops that cover particular subjects, and handouts and other resources to help students with specific questions.

Global Studies Office

The SAU Global Studies Office along with OIR provide a variety of services to assist international students, scholars, faculty and staff at Spring Arbor University, as well as traditional students seeking opportunities to study, work, or travel abroad.

Health Resources

Holton Health and Wellness Services (HHWS)

HHWS is a comprehensive clinic located in the Student Center. Enrolled students pay a health service fee, included as part of tuition, which covers most services. U.S. and international students are eligible to use UHS on a fee-for-services basis or through billable insurance.

Appointments are recommended, but walk-in services are available for urgent health matters. Learn more about Holton Health and Wellness Services.

Clinical Services

SAU is committed to providing multicultural and multidisciplinary expert that caring therapeutic support at no charge to students. Clinical services include brief personal therapy for individuals, couples and groups, and crisis intervention.

Carrie Dashner

Multicultural, Multi-Ethnic and Co-curricular

Intercultural Adviser (IA)

Intercultural advisers are trained student staff who assists in advising and counseling responsibilities related to retention and support of students of color. IAs have an opportunity to assist in the education of students and staff to promote diversity and plan and implement cultural programs each month as part of their responsibilities. The IA program is useful to diverse populations and in its assistance in communicating OIR services, particularly during orientation, heritage month celebrations and overall programs that promote awareness for students living in residence halls.


The LINK Program was created to support students of color students through mentor pairings between freshmen and upper class students of color. The Program mission is to foster academic and social success among freshmen in a practical and meaningful ways and aspire to build community within the student body through encouraging social engagement, activism and organizational participation.

Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA provides resources and education for students, faculty, and staff associated with and/or interested in student organizations, student organization advising, and leadership education. Leadership education work emphasizes intercultural communication and social change. Resources include curriculum development, as well as written materials on a variety of leadership and organizational development topics. Services include organizing and scheduling of campus events, intramural sports, spiritual life, SAU sports marketing, and more.

Career Center

The Career Center hosts countless recruitment fairs for companies that seek to employ students and graduates, and is a useful place for resources about finding internships, jobs, applying to graduate school and career counseling and advising. The Career Center frequently works with OIR to raise awareness about career fairs for students of color, as well as scholarships and fellowship opportunities.

Funding Opportunities

SGA Funding

Please complete the petition so the Student Government Association can better understand how your group or ministry intends on using the funds. If you have any questions, contact Dan Vander Hill, Assistant Vice President for Student Development and learning at ext.1367 or

SAU Grants

View our grants page here.