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FAQ – Credit/No Credit for Spring 2020

Q.  If a student earns a grade of C-, D+. D or D-, how would a choice of No Credit (NC) benefit that student?

A.  The grade of NC will have no effect on that student’s semester or cumulative GPA. Some students may choose to accept the letter grade posted by the instructor, especially if the letter grade allows them to meet a specific degree requirement.  Others may prefer to request a change to NC so that their GPA is not negatively impacted.  The downside of the NC grade is that the student would not receive any academic credit for that course.

Q.  If a student earns a high grade in a course, why might that student request a Credit (CR) grade?

A.  It is unlikely that a student who has earned a high grade will request the CR option, but this proposal allows students to individually make a decision that’s best for them.

Q.  Will requesting the CR/NC option have a negative impact on a student’s future acceptance to graduate school or professional school?

A.  It is possible that CR/NC grades on a transcript could affect future acceptance to graduate school.  However, many universities are offering a similar option this semester, so graduate and professional schools will be prepared to see this type of grade on a transcript.  Students should confer with advisors at the graduate or professional school they are considering in order to learn about the implications for graduate study.

Q.  What is the impact on athletic eligibility?

A.  Student athletes will be strongly encouraged to contact their academic advisor before making a request to change a grade to CR or NC to determine how it might impact their eligibility. A grade of CR or NC for even one class could affect your eligibility and/or athletic scholarship. More information can be found on the NAIA website:

Q.  What is the impact on VA benefits?

A.  If you receive a CR grade, you have earned credit, so the VA should consider that as the equivalent of a letter passing grade.  Students who receive VA benefits and are considering requesting a grade of NC should contact their VA Certifying Official or the VA directly before making that request.  Chapter 31 students should speak with their VR&E case manager.  In a recent decision, one regional VA office has decided to accept Pass/Fail grades without penalty for this semester, but Credit/No Credit grades were not specifically addressed.  It is always good to double-check to avoid an unexpected loss of benefits. 

Q.  Will a grade of CR or NC have a negative impact on financial aid?

A.  A grade of NC could affect financial aid eligibility for future semesters if it causes a student to fail to achieve satisfactory academic progress. A grade of CR should have no financial aid ramifications. 

Q.  How will the CR/NC grades impact graduation?

A.  There will be no effect on graduation. Degree conferral dates will be the same as scheduled.  However, allowing students a week after grades are posted to decide whether or not to request grade changes will cause a slight delay in the expected time to post degrees and mail out diplomas for main campus students.

Q. How will the CR/NC grades impact graduation honors?

A.   Since the CR/NC grades have no GPA effect, they will not be used in the calculation of graduation honors or in the minimum number of hours needed to qualify for honors.  This could possibly affect some students who have fewer hours with SAU.

Q.  What if I am already on Academic Probation?  

A.  Neither a grade of CR nor NC grade will affect your GPA.  If a grade of CR is assigned to a course you are repeating this semester, the previous grade will be removed from your GPA calculation, which could improve your GPA slightly.  However, if you were working to improve your GPA, you should carefully consider whether the CR/NC option would help you.

Q. Am I still eligible for the Dean’s List (Semester Honors) if I choose the CR/NC option?

A.  You will not be eligible for the Dean’s List for the current semester if you request the CR or NC option for any or all courses.

Q.   What if I change my mind after I have requested the CR/NC option?

A.   Once the grade has been changed, it cannot be changed back. The change is final.