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Communication Studies

About Communication Studies

Communication allows people to develop and exchange ideas, solve problems and work together to attain common objectives. This is a practical discipline that will help you be effective in both personal and professional contexts.

The study of communication at Spring Arbor University is a hands-on experience, with a foundation in classical and Christian perspectives. SAU offers courses and a minor in communication studies. All students complete a core sequence that promotes a thoughtful and ethical understanding of communication principles and best practices.


Our mission in the Department of Communication and Media is to prepare credible, creative Christian professionals for a world where the mastery of communication skills and technologies is essential. We accomplish our mission by helping students produce, publish and perform original work that is both ethical and effective.

Majors and Minors

The communication studies major and minor is offered by the Department of Communication and Media. Other majors and minors within the department include advertising and public relations, broadcasting, cross-cultural communication, speech, video and film and visual communication.

Communication Studies Minor, Communication Courses and Descriptions

The 21-hour communication studies minor requires such courses as corporate communication, communication theory and communication research, intercultural communication, rhetoric, as well as various elective credits. See the course descriptions for these and other communications courses at Spring Arbor University by downloading the undergraduate catalog.