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About the Geography Minor

As a component of the Department of History, Political Economy, Geography and Social Studies, a minor in geography is designed to facilitate knowledge of the physical landscapes and cultural regions of the world and to develop understanding of the ways in which human societies interact with their physical settings and environments.

Geography at Spring Arbor is an interdisciplinary study. After an introductory course, several courses are cross referenced with history and focus on particular cultural realms in a broad perspective of time and space.

Majors and minors within the Department of History, Political Economy, Geography and Social Studies are:

Courses and Requirements

The courses for the 20-hour geography minor include such subject areas as introduction to geography and North America, and an assortment of available elective courses like economics of the third world, and a close study of various geographic regions throughout the world. View the course requirements, course descriptions, as well as learn more about the geography program at Spring Arbor University in undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

A study of geography is essential to all cross-cultural endeavors and to any career that entails an understanding of place and space, from overseas missions or international politics to city planning. Courses in this field are part of preparation for teaching in social studies and are good preparation for advanced studies in any of the social sciences, law or business. Visit our career development section.