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Global Missions

About the Global Missions Minor

The global missions program within the Department of Theology combines both theological and interdisciplinary courses to prepare the student for the vast opportunities for missions and cross-cultural ministry. The focus of this major is on the preparation of the student rather than on the development of specific ministry skills, so that the student may be faithful in the call to serve and share the Christian gospel creatively. Thus, this program seeks to develop both a wholesome theological understanding and an understanding of the significant issues in overcoming cultural obstacles. The global missions program combines the strengths of the religion faculty and the faculty in other areas of the University, such as sociology, political science and communications.

All ministry programs in the Department of Theology offer a creative blend of solid academics, practical ministry training and application and spiritual formation. Included in all department programs is a central theological curriculum, which provides an essential foundation for all forms of Christian ministry. This curriculum includes courses in the four areas that make up what is commonly known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Scripture, tradition, reason and experience. The student is required to do vocational exploration in missions or cross-cultural ministry as well as a formal internship after the completion of most coursework. Students in the major and minor are expected to model a lifestyle becoming of a minister of Jesus Christ in covenant with the SAU program. Admission to the minor commits the student to a yearly renewal of this covenant through recommendations and review of the student’s campus life, academic performance and ministry activity.

Courses and Requirements

The courses for the 27-hour global missions minor involves courses in cross cultural communication, economics of the third world, world religions and cultural anthropology.

View the course requirements, layout and course descriptions, and learn more about the global missions minor at Spring Arbor University, all in the undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

The global missions major is for students who anticipate a career in missions or cross-cultural ministry. With contemporary changes in philosophy regarding such ministry, there are now numerous creative options available for service. For some ministries and organizations, additional education or study in a second area may be required. In most cases, the church, organization, or agency through which an individual will minister will determine the level of education required—some churches/agencies require seminary preparation. Visit our career development section.