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About the History Program

The fundamental purpose of the Department of History, Political Economy, Geography and Social Studies is to aid the student in gaining an understanding of the development of ancient, medieval and modern civilizations, as they compare developments in the United States and Michigan with the multicultural aspects of past as well as contemporary societies. As a history major, you will find particular emphases placed on the legacies of Greece and Rome, Christianity, major non-Western societies like China and India, the Protestant Reformation, the Enlightenment, the American colonial world, the Revolution and Constitution, the emergence of democracy, the expansion of America in the 19th Century, the Civil War and the significant events of the 20th Century, including the two world wars and the tumultuous 1960s. Insights from various Christian perspectives will be utilized as the past is examined so that students will be challenged to become effective citizens of the church, community, country and the world. A study of history provides a rich and varied background to all other disciplines in the liberal arts.

Other programs offered by the Department of History, Political Economy, Geography and Social Studies are:

Why should you choose SAU’s history program?

Students who major or minor in history at Spring Arbor University will develop strong skills in analysis and evaluation of the past as sources of critical inquiry into the nature of current issues. Through Spring Arbor University’s membership in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU), students are eligible to participate in semester-long programs in Washington, D.C., Costa Rica, Russia and the Middle East (Cairo) at little additional cost. Opportunities for writing an honors thesis are also available. Many majors participate in planning and implementing a Model United Nations program for area high school students, while others have taken part with distinction in the Model Arab League.

Courses, Course Description & Four-Year Plan

The courses for the 35-hour history major include such subject areas as history of civilization, United States to and since 1877, philosophy of history, social change and historical development, the American revolution, Civil War and reconstruction, 20th century America, early modern Europe, 20th century Europe, as well as studying various other geographic regions of the world. There are also a 24-hour history minor and a 24-hour history-education minor.

View the course requirements and layout, course descriptions, a sample four-year plan, as well as learn more about the history program at Spring Arbor University in the undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

A major or minor in history at Spring Arbor University prepares the student for teaching at the elementary or secondary levels. The major provides excellent preparation for graduate study in history, historical preservation and museum administration, law or seminary. Visit our career development section.