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Spiritual Formation & Leadership

You’re attending a Christian University, and you want to take advantage of it by learning more about your faith and taking your relationship with Christ deeper. New for the Fall 2015 semester, the Department of Theology will be offering a spiritual formation minor. With this minor, you will learn new ways to pray, find new ways to integrate faith into your major, and grow in your personal spiritual life.

This 24-credit hour minor is lead by Nathan Foster, assistant professor of social work. Spiritual formation courses include: Christian Traditions: A Balanced Vision, Communication, Spirituality and Service, Spirituality and Creative Arts,Theology and Praxis of Prayer, and Christian Mysticism: Revelations of Love. View the course requirements and layout, course descriptions, a sample four-year plan, as well as learn more about the program at Spring Arbor University in the course catalog.

The goal of the spiritual formation minor is to help you develop a robust Christian life as well as equip you for a life of witnessing and mission work by:

  • Gaining a holistic understanding of Christian spirituality
  • Learning and practicing various spiritual disciplines
  • Examining the history of Christian spirituality developed around the major streams of the Christian faith:  the contemplative, scriptural, holiness, social justice, charismatic, and incarnational traditions.
  • Reading broadly from the classic spiritual devotional writings.
  • Discovering the connection between communication, contemplation, and action.
  • Understanding the traditions and practices of Christian mysticism.
  • Reflecting upon the connection between theology and the praxis of prayer.
  • Studying and experiencing the connection between spirituality, creativity, and the arts.
  • Exploring the role of creation, community, and pilgrimage for spiritual formation.

Students in the minor are expected to model a lifestyle becoming of a minister of Jesus Christ in covenant with the SAU program. Admission to the major/minor commits the student to a yearly renewal of this covenant through recommendations and review of the student’s campus life, academic performance and ministry activity.