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SAU - Bachelor of Science in Business

The Bachelor of Science in Business, offered through the Gainey School of Business, program provides a broad range of educational preparation for careers in business or preparation for graduate study. The degree seeks to balance professional preparation with a liberal arts education and quantitative skills with the application of business theory to the workplace. The Bachelor of Science in Business degree will be conferred upon successful completion of all graduation requirements.

Locations and Start Dates

This program is offered face-to-face through our Virtual Classroom option.

    = Our Virtual Classroom option combines online learning with face-to-face interaction. Study from home, like in an online program, while still engaging with your classmates face-to-face. If you would like more information about a program, or if the program that interests you is without a start date, please contact your admissions representative.


    Career Opportunities

    • Business: Manufacturing, retail, health, consulting, accounting, sales, administration, and banking.
    • Service Agencies: Law enforcement, health services, corrections, community health organizations, religious organizations, fire departments.

    Program Strengths and Emphases

    The business program emphasizes a breadth of practical work skills and theoretical knowledge designed to meet the needs of the student seeking a general business background.

    Study in this major exposes the student to:

    • The diverse elements involved in effective business operations;
    • The practical application of skills and theories in the classroom through a field-based research project; and
    • The evaluation of issues and concepts central to the practice of business through the perspectives of historical, Biblical and ethical standards.

    Courses and Program Requirements

    The 47-hour accelerated Bachelor of Science in Business degree requires that students develop specific professional skills by taking courses in:

    • Adult Development & Life Planning
    • Critical Analysis & Research Writing
    • Principles of Applied Management
    • Fundamentals of Business Accounting
    • Microeconomic Applications for Managers
    • Business Law
    • Statistical Methods
    • Management of Applied Financial Resources
    • Biblical Perspectives
    • Business Information Systems
    • Human Resource Management & Supervision
    • Fundamentals of Business Marketing
    • Global Competitive Strategy
    • Business Proposal Development
    • Values: Personal & Social

    View the program requirements and layout, course descriptions, and to learn more about the Bachelor of Science in Business program at Spring Arbor University in the course catalog.

    Admission Requirements

    Admission into the Bachelor of Science in Business program requires:

    • Prior completion of 58 semester hours
    • Attendance at an information meeting
    • Application: online or written
    • Demonstration of computer proficiency
    • Autobiographical outline
    • Writing sample
    • Official transcripts from each college you’ve attended (must be official transcripts issued by the institution).

    If you have questions or want to meet with a program representative, call 800.968.0011.

    We also offer an Associate of Science in Business program that is designed to help you earn enough credits to enter our accelerated bachelor’s degree programs.

    Tuition and Fees

    2018-19 Rates

    • Tuition per credit: $587
    • Registration fee (per semester): $40
    • Technology fee (per semester): $53 (part-time)/$105 (full-time)

    Tuition rates and fees are subject to change.

    For more information, please contact an admissions rep at admissions@arbor.edu or call 1.800.968.0011.




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