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Hosmer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Hosmer Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation was created to provide learners with the training, mentoring and education for their preparation as entrepreneurs. The center provides opportunities for campus, graduate and professional studies students, as well as emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs. It is intentional that the Hosmer Center will utilize the latest technologies, real world educators and entrepreneurs, and will endeavor to serve all students, faculty and constituents in areas of the state, country and emerging economies with the principles of sound business practice within a Christian worldview. The Hosmer Center draws on the wisdom and direction of the Advisory Board, which is composed of individuals who represent a wide range of experience, expertise and understanding of business development and success in a variety of arenas.

The center officially began in May 2007 as a part of the Gainey School of Business. As more and more college students nationwide have expressed interest in someday forming and owning their own business, SAU wanted to provide a center where entrepreneurship could be encouraged and cultivated. The center exists to provide students with training, mentoring and education to prepare them as successful entrepreneurs. It provides opportunities for this interaction and training through the use of the latest technologies and traditional techniques at its various teaching and learning sites. The center strives to serve students in Michigan and throughout the country, and to invest in emerging economies through principles of sound business practice within a Christian worldview.

SAU students, faculty and other participants of the center are encouraged to recognize that each person is a steward of finite resources from God. As entrepreneurs in training and practice, a stewardship attitude is demonstrated in a spirit of service to others through improving conditions for the community by innovation and commercial understanding.

Practicum and internship experiences

The Gainey School of Business prides itself on equipping students with skills and leadership capabilities to serve as outstanding leaders and managers in the business arena. In conjunction with the School of Business, the Hosmer Center helps to place students with companies and businesses where they prepare to enter the workforce by gaining professional experience and providing an invaluable service for their sponsors.

If your company/business would like more information about sponsoring an SAU student as an intern, please contact Ron Griffith.

Harry E. Hosmer

The Hosmer Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is named for Harry E. Hosmer (HS ’48, JC ’50), whose career accomplishments are only surpassed by his generosity. Following graduation from Spring Arbor Junior College, Hosmer attended Roberts Wesleyan College and pastored a Free Methodist church for three years. He participated in The Youth for Christ Congress on Evangelism in 1957 in Copenhagen, Denmark, sparking his interest in international evangelism. In 1995, Hosmer worked on a private reconciliation initiative in the Balkan countries of Eastern Europe with Congressman Frank Wolf and Senator Dan Coats.

In addition to developing an interest in international relations, Hosmer also has a vested interest in the communications industry. While working with Youth for Christ International in Wheaton, Illinois, Hosmer served as the business manager of the YFC magazine and then joined the Hitchcock Publishing Company as district manager of advertising. Hosmer later established Brookhill Publishing Company, where he served as president and helped to launch a new magazine, Communication News, for the emerging communication industry. Hosmer founded the Royale Energy, Inc., in San Diego, California in 1982. As president of Royale Energy, Hosmer began publishing The Energy Report, written for laymen looking to invest in the energy industry.

Contact information

The Hosmer Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is located within the Gainey School of Business, which is located on the second floor of the Poling Center for Global Learning & Leadership.

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