Spring Arbor University

E.P. Hart Honors Program


The E.P. Hart Honors Program represents the most rigorous course of study at Spring Arbor University. In addition to being part of the greater SAU community, the honors program provides you the unique opportunity to be part of a group that pursues spiritual transformation through the intellectual life. Centered around a Great Books curriculum that consists of the world’s most important, enduring texts, the honors program will be an integral part of any honor student’s academic, social and spiritual experience at Spring Arbor University.

Advantages of the Program

  • A series of general education courses centered around a Great Books curriculum. Students will not learn about the timeless texts of our cultures, they will study them directly, from Holy Scripture to the Founding Fathers, from the Ancient Greeks to Continental Philosophers.
  • Each honors course is team-taught by two professors, increasing faculty interaction and creating a unique classroom dialogue.
  • An annual honors seminar course designed around a highly-specialized, interdisciplinary subject.
  • A senior thesis project coordinated with a faculty mentor from your academic discipline.
  • An intentional community of honors students and faculty who seek to enhance their relationship with God through academic pursuits.
  • Students admitted in to the program receive the combined presidential/trustee and honors scholarship, worth up to $13,000.

How to Apply

In order to be admitted to the E.P. Hart Honors Program, prospective students must:

  • Have an SAT score of 1250 or higher (or ACT of 27 or higher).
  • Provide a writing sample of academic, analytical writing with their Spring Arbor University application.
  • Complete an interview (in person or Skype) with the program directors.


Want to visit an honors course or learn more about the program? Feel free to contact the program directors, Drs. Matthew Hill, Associate Professor of Philosophy (matthew.hill@arbor.edu) or Brent Cline, Associate Professor of English (brent.cline@arbor.edu).