Spring Arbor University

School of Education Promise

As the State of Michigan makes changes regarding teacher evaluation, Spring Arbor University’s School of Education is ready to stand behind its promise that its approach to teacher preparation is exemplary and provides graduates of both our undergraduate and graduate programs with the solid footing needed to meet the changing expectations of the future.  The School of Education is so confident of this that they have created the Spring Arbor University School of Education Promise.

Should one of our School of Education graduates receive an unsatisfactory performance evaluation within the first three years of employment, as verified by the graduate and their building administrator in writing, then the Promise will apply. Under the Promise, the SAU School of Education graduate may enroll in up to three SOE classes tuition free**(1-9 cr hrs), provided that the class has sufficient enrollment to run without the inclusion of Promise graduates.  Promise graduates would be required to work with a mentor as part of fulfilling their responsibility for taking these course(s).  Any graduate* from one of our School of Education initial certification programs will be covered under this Promise if they have taught full-time for at least one full academic year.

The Promise provides this opportunity for the period of one year following the initial unsatisfactory performance evaluation under which the claim is made.

No other opportunities beyond this are covered by the Promise.


A Spring Arbor University School of Education graduate, for the purposes of the Promise, is defined as:

  • Graduated from SAU School of Education with Michigan Department of Education initial certification

**Costs not covered by Promise

Course fees, Tech fees, and textbooks/resource materials costs are the completer’s responsibility.