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Czech Republic May 2022

COR 275 Dr. David Hopper

  • $1,200 for those with full CCS benefit
  • $2,600 for those with half CCS benefit
  • $4,000 for those with no CCS benefit

Learning activities may include:


Experience a lecture presented by economic Professor Mlcoch of Charles University, which will help students understand the idea of primary sectors of the economy and “growth edge” industries. Tour growth-edge industries as well as more traditional industries. Observe the U.S. economic firms with investments in the Czech Republic.


Take advantage of a tour of Charles University in Prague. Observe public and private schools at various levels. Dialogue with students, educators and administrators at these locations.


Discuss Czech family life with Milena, Manager of International Baptist Theological Seminary and others. Dialogue with workers and administrators of social service agencies dealing with family life in the Czech Republic and possibly visit a Czech home to observe family life.


Investigate the political changes in the Czech Republic during the last 40 years in discussions with leaders of its political parties. Visit government offices as well as the U.S. Embassy. Listen to a lecture on ethnic diversity, European refugees, and Roma challenges, presented by Professor Trojan of Charles University and a signer of Chapter 77.


Explore worship services of various faith traditions while discussing with Alvin Anderson activities regarding the Free Methodist Church in the Czech Republic.

Other potential activities:

Venture through the Czech Republic experiencing its architecture and rich cultural history. Experience Prague, art capital of Eastern Europe; Cesky Krumlov, a Heritage City; Terezin, the site of a Nazi concentration camp; Lidice, a town operated by the Nazi party in 1942; Karlovy Vary, the famous spa town; and Osek, to observe a rural, small town life.

My Cross Cultural experience was my first time traveling to a different continent. It was a trip full of firsts: first plane ride, first ride on a subway, first train ride, and first time being told to experience a huge city in a brand new country full of people who didn’t speak English. I boarded the plane leaving Detroit not knowing anyone, and I got on the plane in Prague wishing I never had to say goodbye to the people in my group. Prague is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen; I took hundreds of pictures, but none can do this trip justice. The memories I made in the Czech Republic will last forever, and I can’t wait to go back someday. I am so blessed for having had this opportunity.

Jordyn Moore

The experience at Terezin was like nothing that can be felt within our own culture. To see the intense hatred for a people based simply on their cultural and religious heritage that overtook and changed the face of a nation was extremely moving. To walk through the camp and tour the museum realizing that these were real people with real stories and dreams made world history and the tragedy of hatred come alive. The bright pictures and hopeful writings of children, artists, and musicians followed by the sobering phrase, “died in Auschwitz, died in Treblinka, died in Dachau” brought about emotions that cannot be experienced simply by hearing or reading. While visiting the Museum of Communism in Prague, I was stretched again to better understand just how deeply the Soviet system with its repression, persecution, and fear impacted the lives of each and every person living under it — rich and poor, young and old — even after the system has crumbled. These were experiences that made me realize more fully how privileged I am to live in a culture where I don’t have to suffer for my beliefs and where my freedom is protected. To spend time in a culture still dealing with the scars of Nazi hatred and Soviet repression changed my worldview.

Liz (Dickinson) Slager
Image of buildings in the Czech Republic.

Travel Information

Departure Dates

May 2022 experiences will begin sometime during the week following the projected May 15 commencement date and will last 19-23 days. Students should not make irreversible plans until their departure date is confirmed by the CCS office in February 2022.

Health & Safety

This experience, like all CCS experiences, is subject to political and safety realities at the time of departure. CCS options can be physically and emotionally intense and stretching. Before enrolling, all participants should consult the disclosures on Physical Hardships of CCS.

Passport and immunizations required (both at additional cost).

Trip Costs

CCS May program costs do not include summer school tuition charges. Participants who are full-time students at SAU both fall and spring semesters 2021-2022 are encouraged to consider NOT taking a class for interim (January 2022), as the available January credits may then by applied to the summer school tuition charges of a May or Summer 2022 CCS. Tuition and program costs are separate monies.

CCS program costs do not include: tuition, passport, immunizations, or the $150 study abroad fee. The study abroad fee provides basic medical evacuation insurance, travel photos, and support services.