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Hungary May 2023

COR 375 with Rob Kingsley

  • $600 for those with full CCS benefit
  • $2,000 for those with half CCS benefit
  • $3,400 for those with no CCS benefit

This Cross Cultural experience features a three-week study tour of Hungary, with a short excursion to Krakow and Auschwitz, Poland.

Learning activities may include:


Experience a lecture by an economics foreign service worker to better understand the difficulties of the change from the communist time to the free market  economy. Examine the leading growth industries in Hungary.


Tour a teacher’s training college and spend a few days living in a dorm. Observe public and private schools at various levels.


Discuss Hungarian family life with older Hungarians and students alike. Spend time with a Hungarian family to get firsthand experience of life in Hungary.


Investigate the changes in Hungary in the 20th and 21st centuries, especially in the last 15 years. Visit with a member of the U.S. Embassy. Discuss the Roma (Gypsy) challenges and how the government deals with the issue. Discuss the tough question of Holocaust victim compensation.


Explore the major faith traditions in Hungary. Visit current Free Methodist missionaries working to establish the Free Methodist church in Hungary. Worship with both the Reformed and Free Methodist churches.

Other highlights may include:

  • Venture through Hungary experiencing Roman ruins, ancient castles and sites of battles with Mongols, Turks and Austrians.
  • Experience Budapest, Szeged and the resort of Lake Balaton.
  • Visit Krakow and Auschwitz in Poland to experience first hand the results of the Holocaust in Hungary.

This trip brought about a great amount of personal growth in me and it was due to the rich, unique culture of Hungary that they have held tightly to despite their rough history. Hungary is full of life, tradition, and vibrancy. From this culture I learned about coming together with those who have had a different past than me, the importance of learning another language, that I am more outgoing than I thought, and that I am fully capable of living outside my comfort zone. I also learned more about the value of relationships over a schedule and of remembering history as a whole. I have been blessed by my interactions with the Hungarian culture and have come away better than I was before.

Brie Couling

The time I spent in Hungary will forever remain with me as a treasured memory. I was awestruck by the beauty of churches, and I was surprised by the poverty of the homeless. Overall, I am very pleased with all that I have learned through my trip to Hungary.

Jezrielle Annis

After our tour through Auschwitz and Birkenau, our tour guide gave us an important piece of information. He told us that people always say that we must remember the victims of the Holocaust, that we must keep them in our memories, ‘but that alone is not enough’, he said. Too many citizens stood by and did nothing while this was happening. People let fear control them and did not stand up for those who were being oppressed by the forces of hatred. We must learn to talk about these events when they occur and to draw attention where it is needed so that we may shine a light on those in need and give a voice to the voiceless.

Logan Hurtado
Spring Arbor group at Auschwitz concentration camp

Travel Information

Departure Dates

May 2023 experiences will begin sometime during the week following the projected May 14 commencement date and will last 19–23 days. Students should not make irreversible plans until their departure date is confirmed by the CCS office in February 2023.

Health & Safety

This experience, like all CCS experiences, is subject to political and safety realities at the time of departure. CCS options can be physically and emotionally intense and stretching. Before enrolling, all participants should consult the disclosures on Physical Hardships of CCS.

Passport and immunizations required (both at additional cost).

Trip Costs

CCS May program costs do not include summer school tuition charges. Participants who are full-time students at SAU both fall and spring semesters 2022–2023 are encouraged to consider NOT taking a class for interim (January 2023), as the available January credits may then be applied to the summer school tuition charges of a May or Summer 2023 CCS. Tuition and program costs are separate monies.

CCS program costs do not include: tuition, passport, immunizations, or the $150 study abroad fee.

CCS trips are not guaranteed and are subject to change.