Undergraduate Academics

Class is not where you fall asleep; it’s where you come alive! It is where your future comes into focus as you move closer to completing your degree and moving into the career you want. This is class at Spring Arbor University.

So, let’s get started. Check out our list of more than 70 majors and programs and see what we have to offer. Our faculty members are experts in their respective fields – who have the credentials to prove it. Class sizes average 20 students, which means you’ll get to personally know your professors, rather than being just a number on a class list.

For students who require more rigorous and challenging coursework, our E.P. Hart Honors program is designed for highly academically proficient students.

Haven’t graduated from high school yet, but want to get a head start? Check out our high school dual enrollment program.

Distinctly SAU

Our goal is not just to offer you an exemplary education and wonderful college memories. We help students grasp their purpose – the reason God has placed them on this earth – and provide them with the tools and opportunities necessary to begin fulfilling that purpose even before they’ve left college. We do this through a three-pronged approach to learning and thought designed to turn an intelligent college student into an articulate and effective Christian professional who is prepared for the world beyond. Through our CORE program, which incorporates the Cross Cultural Studies learning experience, and is also supported and enriched by the SAU Concept, we at Spring Arbor help students realize their gifts and talents and then show them how those abilities might be used to change the world for Christ.

CORE program

Your first day of college will, undoubtedly, come with a barrage of emotions. Excitement will be mixed with anxiety. That’s why we make sure that before your first day is over, you will have met your CORE group: 15 other freshmen who also feel a bit like fish out of water, but who will grow to be your support system during your first semester of college. At the same time, you’ll meet your upper-class mentor, called a peer advisor or PA, and your CORE professor, whose goal is to help make your first year at SAU a success.

Following that first year, CORE will become more about helping you define your place in the world and will help you clarify your goals and life direction as you move toward graduation. The CORE classes will help you grow in your personal and spiritual development, and at the same time, prepare you to enter the world and turn it upside down for Christ. Learn more about the CORE program at SAU.

Cross Cultural Studies Experience

When Christ said, “Go and make disciples of all nations” he wasn’t just talking to those gathered immediately around him at the time. He was telling all Christians, through all generations, to spread the Gospel to everyone around the world.

At Spring Arbor University, you will get your feet wet in Matthew 28:19 theology via the Cross Cultural Program. The CCS program at SAU immerses you in a new culture for three weeks, or a full semester if you want, and helps you get out of the box and into the world to meet those that God has called you to minister to and be witnesses for.

The Concept

The Spring Arbor University Concept is the sum of SAU’s mission, vision and focus and helps to guide the University as it navigates the 21st century and beyond. Since it was penned in 1961, students, faculty and staff have been challenged to both memorize it as well as live by it. Although you’ll learn many things as a Spring Arbor student, and encounter many ideas and pursue many avenues of thought, this is one lesson that exists to support and enrich everything you will learn as a Spring Arbor student.

Spring Arbor University is a community of learners distinguished by our lifelong involvement in the study and application of the liberal arts, total commitment to Jesus Christ as the perspective for learning, and critical participation in the contemporary world.