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Loan Exit Counseling

Mandatory Exit Counseling

Students who have received funds from the Federal Direct Loan program are required to complete loan exit counseling before the student ceases at least half-time enrollment. Please note the following situations in which a student may cease to be enrolled half-time. Half-time status is 6 credits for undergraduates and 3 credits for graduate students.

  1. The student completes his or her program.
  2. The student withdraws from an institution either during or after a term.
  3. The student’s enrollment level drops below half-time during a term of enrollment.

Exit loan counseling includes information regarding:

  • Deferments, Consolidation and other repayment options
  • Debt management strategies
  • Student responsibility upon leaving school

Students who are completing one program and are beginning another program should still complete the exit counseling. If you are still enrolled in a program, completing the Exit Counseling does not mean that you are dropping from a program or that we are no longer considering you as an active student. This process is related only to your credit hour enrollment level for Federal Direct Loan purposes.

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