Spring Arbor University

Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones

If you’re interested in learning about all that Spring Arbor University has to offer you, please drop Thomas an email at tjones@arbor.edu or call him at 517.750.6525. You may also use our toll free number at 800.968.0011. When you connect, ask for Thomas.

Hometown: Burnips, MI

Education: I graduated from Spring Arbor University with a bachelor's degree in psychology.

Interests: I enjoy going camping, hiking, biking and just about anything outdoors. I also have a blast hanging out with my siblings whenever possible (eight brothers and one sister). I find “dad jokes” hilarious and I like watching anything involving Kiefer Sutherland.

Testimony: Being part of a Christian community like Spring Arbor University has tremendously impacted my faith. I have come to realize that the people with whom we surround ourselves truly do shape us into who we become. I’m grateful to be in a community surrounded by amazing people who help me grow personally, academically and spiritually.

Statement of Purpose: I firmly believe the Lord wants to restore and heal our broken world and that He has chosen us to partner with Him in that mission. I am honored to work in a place like SAU where we specialize in equipping young men and women to go out into the world and shine Christ’s light using the education they have earned. I believe the work that we do is crucial because we get to take part in the spiritual, personal and academic development of ambassadors of Christ.

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