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Alumni travel to Germany and Switzerland 

This past summer professors Mark Correll and Kim Bowen, alongside Steve Castle ’05, ’12 and Bekah (Barr ’13) Zraik, led a group of 22 alumni on a Reformation Tour of Germany and Switzerland. The group visited castles, churches and other important sites of Martin Luther’s reformation movement. Cities visited include Berlin, Erfurt, Wittenburg, Nuremburg, Konstanz and Geneva.
Modeling the excursion after the Cross-Cultural Studies program, Correll and Bowen designed it as a combination of academic instruction and international travel. A highlight of the trip was touring Wartburg Castle and seeing the room where Luther translated the New Testament into the local vernacular. The group also loved visiting the site where Luther nailed the 95 Theses,  and enjoyed taking a boat tour of Lake Geneva on their final day of the trip.
The alumni office is currently planning for more alumni trips! To stay up to date on upcoming travel opportunities, visit the alumni travel page.