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Mentoring Alumni Program

Our greatest resource is our alumni family. If you’re looking to relocate or are searching for professional connections, the Mentoring Alumni Program (MAP) will give you access to hundreds of SAU alumni professionals around the globe who are willing to be a contact point for you.

  • The MAP is a professional networking tool available to all SAU students and alumni.
  • Simply click on the link below to search by the city, state, or profession in which our alumni volunteers are engaged.
  • Click on the dots to view the contact information and occupations of the professionals who have volunteered to be on the MAP. (For cities with numerous volunteers, make sure to click the right arrow to see the multiple volunteers listed under the single dot.)
  • Data can be sorted and filtered by clicking on the tabs within the MAP.
  • By scrolling down on the right hand bar, you can view the entire list of volunteers.
  • Email alumni@arbor.edu with any questions, comments or concerns.

To volunteer to be a contact in your region or field, please complete and submit the following form.

  • Example: 1986
  • Job Information

  • Your Contact Information

  • The above information will be included in MAP.