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Social Work Alumni CE Training


Title: Integration of Social Work Practice in School Settings: A multifaceted response to addressing students’ mental health needs.

Presenter: Patrice Barden, LMSW

Date: 1/31/23     Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify roles that social workers have within the school setting from a multidimensional approach.
  2. Outline and identify appropriate interventions to support students based on the level of need.

Course Description: Addressing mental health should be a vital component of ensuring healthy development in children. Therefore, providing adequate mental health services is crucial. The problems that children face and the mental health concerns that develop at a young age are increasing at high rates. As a result, it is important to determine how to best address their needs and targeting schools has been shown to be an effective method.

Children’s primary purpose in school is to learn, but due to a large variety of barriers that children encounter, it can make learning difficult–sometimes nearly impossible– to achieve. As professionals within school settings, it is imperative to address these concerns from a systematic approach. This training is designed to bring awareness to the roles social workers have within a school setting and how to best collaborate with other disciplines to provide the best care. Throughout this training, participants will engage in large and small group discussions and practice activities to learn how to recognize signs and symptoms, determine level of need, and identify effective interventions with children in a school setting.

These trainings are only open to our BSW and MSW graduates and current Social Work students.  These trainings will be free or low cost and will be held via zoom to accommodate many geographic locations.  These trainings will be approved for CE credit by the Michigan NASW.  If you practice outside of Michigan, you may need to get additional approval from your local approving body.