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Marisa Carpenter, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish
Sayre-Decan Hall, 207
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I am passionate about Jesus Christ, my family, life-long learning, the Spanish language (and languages, in general), Hispanic culture, and the great outdoors! With a background in Hispanic Linguistics, SLA (Second-Language Acquisition), and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), my professional interests include the study of how languages change over time, especially focusing on interesting patterns that can be found across languages and generations of speakers, and continually seeking best practices in language-learning pedagogy. I also have a strong background and interest in Hispanic literature and enjoy sharing that with students as well. I speak Spanish and Portuguese, but I’d love to add a lot more languages to that list. I enjoy chatting and collaborating with students and colleagues. Unless I’m taking a short nap in my comfy chair (I have 3 small children at home), my door is always open!


  • Ph.D.: (Hispanic Linguistics/Philology) University of Wisconsin-Madison


I enjoy teaching at SAU because I get to openly strive for Christ-like humility (and, therefore, the freedom to be who God created me to be without fear holding me back or sending me down the wrong path) in supportive collaboration with everyone I come in contact with at work (my students, my colleagues, etc.).