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Tom Kuntzleman, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry, Director, Cougar Science Camp; Associate Editor, Chemical Education Xchange
Whiteman-Gibbs Science Center
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Tom Kuntzleman has broad interests, which reflects his profound curiosity in how the universe operates. He publishes regularly in the Journal of Chemical Education on topics that describe interesting, everyday applications of chemistry. His articles include descriptions of the chemistry of batteries, glow sticks, the Diet Coke and Mentos reaction, and how stunt people safely light themselves on fire. He is an associate editor of the Chemical Education Exchange, and has recently been named an honorary fellow at the University of Wisconsin, working in Bassam Shakhashiri’s group.

Tom’s broad range of interests serves him well, as his work at SAU involves teaching general, analytical, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Kuntzleman actively recruits students to work alongside him on many of his research projects, with students sharing authorship him on several publications. He strives to engage his students in the subject matter, making chemistry come alive through chemical demonstrations and hands-on activities as much as possible. Kuntzleman is very active in awakening public interest in science, as he has presented well over 300 chemical demonstration shows to the public on campus, local schools, and other community venues. He also is the director of SAU’s popular Cougar Science Camp and also directs the annual Halloween in the Science Lab celebration.

You can see some of his explorations by following him on Twitter (@pchemstud), checking out his YouTube Channel ( or by visiting his blog at


  • Ph.D.: (Physical Chemistry) University of Michigan, 2005
  • M.S.: (Chemistry) University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2000
  • B.S.: (Chemistry Education) Bloomsburg University, 1991