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Bridging The Gap Movie Trailer

Seventeen students from two vastly different college campuses, each known for their passionate point of view, spent 16 days living and working together, crossing lines of difference and teaching us what’s possible in America.
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What is Bridging the Gap?

Elizabeth from Spring Arbor University and Hannah from Oberlin College speaking with corrections officer.

Bridging the Gap is an immersive experience that teaches students, from very different higher education settings, the skills to effectively communicate, understand and solve problems. Piloted in January 2020 with Spring Arbor University and Oberlin College, students use a skills-based approach that ties together relationship-building, intellectual humility, and open-mindedness among people who disagree deeply to explore important issues. The guiding principle of Bridging the Gap is for students to develop the skills to truly listen, understand, be heard, and seek common ground without feeling the need to change minds.

Through Bridging the Gap, I have seen remarkable truth uncovered. I am no longer afraid of exploring my judgment and times that I ride the waves of ignorance, misunderstanding and assumption, and I invite others to do the same in love. Because of Bridging the Gap, I have become a critical participant in the contemporary world — even before I’ve crossed the graduation stage.”

– Elizabeth Stewart SAU Class of 2021

Bridging the Gap in 2021

This January, the Bridging the Gap experience expanded from 16 students to 45 students as five schools created two cohorts for the program. Students met together virtually over three weeks to discuss criminal justice reform, climate change, and issues dealing with race – through the American Neighbor project and film. Students with different beliefs and views utilized their newly acquired active listening skills to build relationships and bond together while focusing on finding solutions and reform.

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