A nurse’s story

Amber Wright

Amber Wright worked as an registered nurse in a local emergency room after completing her nursing program. She worked long, hard hours, and while the work was good Amber felt that the pay she received was not commensurate with the work she performed, and she was beginning to burn out. After talking with some coworkers about the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in which they were enrolled, Amber decided it was time for a change. That fall, she enrolled in the same program: the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Spring Arbor University.

Amber excelled during her time in the RN-to-BSN program. Taking classes one night a week meant she could schedule her life around school with relative ease. Her professors invested themselves in her too, mentoring and encouraging Amber to succeed and produce her best work. Their caring and understanding helped Amber find the right balance between work, school and life as a mother, while also affording her opportunities she wouldn’t have otherwise had. “They showed me that my job could be more than a job,” says Amber. “It could be a vocation — even a ministry!”

As a student, Amber traveled to Florida for SAU’s President’s Weekend, and spoke to the school’s donors about her experience as a student. She presented her senior research paper to the nursing program director, who, upon hearing it, told Amber that he’d hire her in a heartbeat to teach if she had her master’s degree. She made connections through community-focused class projects, and began giving back to the community in the form of life and healthcare education and church outreach. Amber started living into her position as a nurse and nursing student, embracing it as a vocation.

And after Amber finished her RN-to-BSN program in 2013, she went right back to SAU and enrolled in the Master of Science in Nursing program. While in the program, she began teaching as an adjunct nursing faculty member at Jackson College, preparing a new generation of nurses in much the same way she was prepared. “As a student, I chose to live for Christ,” she says, “and from that have come more choices and opportunities. SAU has spilled over into my whole life!”

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