SAU hosts Class of 1967 for Heritage Alumni Celebration

Heritage Alumni Celebration

This May, members of the Class of 1967 gathered on SAU’s campus to reminisce, reconnect and celebrate their 50th anniversary during the Heritage Alumni Celebration. The reunion festivities took place on Thursday, May 11 and Friday, May 12. Find photos of the Celebration’s events: the E.P. Hart Luncheon, Ye Ole Carriage Shop Reception, Class of 1967 Lunch, and Baccalaureate, on SAU’s Flickr page.

The celebration began Thursday with a luncheon at the Spring Arbor Free Methodist Church. During the luncheon, the class was inducted into SAU’s E.P. Hart Club — an honor given each class upon its 50th anniversary. The event was followed by a tour of SAU’s campus and a reception at The Ye Ole Carriage Shop — a museum of classic cars (many of which are Jackson-made) and other retro memorabilia belonging to the collections of Lloyd ’56 and Judi (Colson’60, ’94) Ganton. That evening, the class enjoyed an anniversary dinner in SAU’s Student Life Center.

On Friday, after a golf outing in the morning, the Class of 1967 attended the groundbreaking for the new Ralph G. Walker Track & Field complex. Following the groundbreaking, the class dined with retired faculty members and met members of the Class of 2017. The Classes of 1967 and 2017 recently partnered to establish a student scholarship. Their efforts were organized by the Student Alumni Council and the Office of Advancement. For each student donation of $20.17, the Class of 1967 donated $100. This scholarship will allow a current SAU student to continue his or her education at SAU.

The Heritage Alumni Celebration came to a close after the baccalaureate service for the Class of 2017, held on the evening of the 12th. During this service, the Class of 1967 led the processional in commemorative gold robes — just as they’ve led the way for the classes that have come after them at Spring Arbor University.


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