Annual SAU Freshman/Newcomer show highlights comedic talent

This weekend, SAU Hearts Drama presents the annual Freshman/Newcomer Show, a triptych of single act plays directed by SAU drama veterans and starring an array of SAU drama first-timers!

The engagement begins tonight, Thursday, Nov. 16, and continues through Saturday, Nov. 18. All shows begin at 9 p.m. in the Prop Shop. Tickets are $3 for students, faculty and staff. General admission is $5. You can reserve your tickets by emailing

The Freshman/Newcomer Show auditioned early in the semester, putting out a call for greenhorn thespians and crew — students interested in theater but with no prior stage experience.

“The show invites new students into the orbit of SAU Hearts Drama,” says SAU senior Cullin Morgan, one of the show’s three directors. “It’s an opportunity for students outside of SAU’s drama culture to join our community. We want everyone for this, from business majors to science majors to social work majors: everyone is welcome.”

According to Morgan, the three plays making up the show were carefully chosen for their accessibility, and because they were comedies. “Comedy is generally low stakes, low impact, and easier for new actors to take on. It’s also universal. It’s an opportunity for us to laugh with one another, to laugh at the circumstances of life and take joy in them with each other. It can be absolutely be redemptive.”

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