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Spring Arbor University’s music programs are equipped to help you succeed. Whether you want to be a professional musician, a teacher, or just love making music, you’ll learn from seasoned professionals who are composers and mastery teachers. In addition, you’ll have ample opportunities to practice your craft.

About the Worship Arts Program

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SAU’s Worship Arts major is an innovative program that prepares students for careers in churches today and in the future. This integrated program involves faculty from Christian ministries, communication and media and music to provide a rich foundation for leadership in contemporary churches, where music, drama, video and audio design all play important roles.

Presenting the gospel in today’s world requires creativity and a wide range of skills, as well as a deep understanding of our faith heritage. Leaders in churches today must be able to adapt to rapidly changing tastes and trends, and must truly be lifelong learners. SAU’s Worship Arts program is specifically designed to help you prepare for that challenge.

Curriculum and Requirements

The courses for the 66-hour worship arts-performance major, and the courses for the 71-hour worship arts-leadership major include such subject areas as communication technology, church leadership, spiritual formation, music in ministry, music in praise and worship, foundations in worship, integrative worship arts, music theory, aural harmony, conducting, and introduction to electronic music.

View the course requirements, layout and course descriptions as well as learn more about the worship arts program at Spring Arbor University in the course catalog.

Why should you choose SAU’s music program?

  • Spring Arbor University offers a rich environment for musical participation. Interested students are able to participate in several different kinds of performance ensembles.
  • Students are able to work closely with the department’s skilled faculty members. Small class sizes and an excellent student-to-faculty ratio provide students with individual attention and instruction.
  • SAU’s curriculum and performance ensembles explore many different musical styles, including classical, sacred, jazz, and other popular styles. Contemporary music also plays an important role and is effectively incorporated into ministry.
  •  Music scholarships are available to many students, including non-majors, who are active in performance groups and ensembles.

On-Campus Opportunities

On-Campus Opportunities

There are a wide range of opportunities for music students to get involved, apply what they’re learning in the classroom in a practical way, and meet students who have similar passions. Here is a list of just some of the opportunities available:

  •  Wellspring – Wellspring teams are groups of singers and instrumentalists that travel to camps throughout the summer, performing for the campers, helping with the camp duties and serving as the worship leaders. The group is highly selective and auditions are required. For information on auditioning, contact the Department of Music at 517.750.6493.
  • Jazz Band – All of Spring Arbor’s instrumental musicians are encouraged to try out for the Jazz Band, which performs concerts throughout the year, and organizes the annual Jazz Bash. For more information, please contact the Department of Music at 517.750.6493.
  • Music ensembles – Those gifted with musical ability are welcome to try out for a variety of musical ensembles including: Chamber Singers, Concert Band, Concert Choir and Wellspring. These groups perform throughout the year and also tour around the country. For more information, please contact the Department of Music at 517.750.6493.
  • Musicals and plays – From dazzling musicals, to cutting-edge black-box theater performances, to award-winning plays, the Spring Arbor theater program offers a wide range of theatrical outlets enough to sate the appetite of the most enthusiastic theater guru.

See a full list of the various activities and organizations available to students at Spring Arbor University.

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