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Student Employment

Welcome to Student Employment. Spring Arbor University utilizes many avenues in its endeavor to help as many students as possible find work while attending SAU. Because of the large demand for the limited employment opportunities, it is important for students to follow the employment hiring guidelines outlined and then to check in often with the Student Employment Office to learn of new job openings.

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs Work Study Information

We encourage all students to complete paperwork, even if they are not sure if or when they will work to avoid employment and payroll delays. Completed paperwork will be kept on file for the student until they choose to accept employment.

Any student registered at least half-time is eligible to be considered for employment, provided they do not decline their Financial Aid Work Study award. SAU does not place students nor guarantee that every student looking for work will be able to acquire employment on campus. Any student interested in working on campus or in one of the Work Study off-campus sites must first complete the necessary paperwork and register with the Student Employment Office upon arrival on campus. Only students who register in the Student Employment Office and have completed all the paperwork requirements will be notified of job opportunities.

Completing the On-Campus Paperwork

If you are a United States citizen, you are welcome to complete paperwork ahead of time. Please make sure to read the explanation for each form BEFORE you complete the form. Your Employment Paperwork IS NOT complete until the Student Employment Office has received and reviewed all documents. When filling out the paperwork, you MUST use your legal name as it appears on your social security card.

If you are an international student interested in working on campus, employment is not available until you have been personally processed through the Student Employment Office. Information will be collected after your arrival on campus and proper documentation has been verified. International students should not continue with the application process until after they have begun classes and have registered with the Student Employment Office.

The Student Employment Guidelines are available for your review. Please feel free to contact the Student Employment Office at any time should you have questions or concerns. Return all completed and signed paperwork to the Student Employment Office and then stop in when you arrive on campus to complete the I-9 process and register to actively look for work.

Debra Scripter
Director of Student Employment
106 E. Main Street, Station 25
Spring Arbor, MI 49283
P: 517.750.6431
F: 517.750.3227

Cheryl Wagner
Student Employment Assistant
106 E. Main Street, Station 25
Spring Arbor, MI 49283
P: 517.750.6784
F: 517.750.3227

Checklist for On-Campus Paperwork:

All paperwork must be completed and reviewed before you are eligible to look for work on campus. The I-9 Form must be done in person at the Student Employment Office with “original” supporting documents presented for review at that time. Please make sure to review requirements before completing forms.

1. Application Form:

  • All students are required to complete an application. If you desire, feel free to attach a résumé when you submit the paperwork to the Student Employment Office. Complete the student application with all available information and leave blank those areas that do not currently apply. Make sure to sign the application before you submit.
  • International students cannot complete this paperwork ahead of time. Please wait until you have entered the United States and are attending class before registering with the Student Employment Office.

(Please read the above summary before before printing out and completing the Student Employment Application [PDF]).

2. W-4 Form:

  • In most cases, a student who is still being claimed as a dependent will claim “0” for Federal and State. We pay Federal and State taxes to Michigan or Ohio. If you are a resident of any of the reciprocal states (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota or Wisconsin) you may claim “99” for the state tax and no state taxes will be taken from your paycheck for Michigan, but you must complete the Statement of Residency in a Reciprocity State portion of the W-4. If you are a resident of any state that does not have a reciprocal agreement, you will be required to pay and file a state tax return on your Michigan income. An exemption of “0” is automatically used if not designated.
  • Ohio residents must also provide their resident county and Public School District Name or Tax Number when completing the W-4.
  • Verify if you live with the city limits (not the county) of any city listed.

(Please read the above summary before before printing out and completing the Student Payroll Info and W-4 Form [PDF]).

3. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9 Form):

  • This form must be presented and finalized in person at the Student Employment Office. Applicants must provide identification at the time they finalize the form. Only original documents are accepted for review (copies will be made at the time of completion). A list of the acceptable documents is provided in the attached PDF. At time of finalizing the document in person with the Student Employment Office, you will complete Section 1 ONLY and your original identification documents – bring either:
    • One unexpired item from List A – List A documents establishes both identity and employment authorization and will require the need to only present one form of identification.
    • One unexpired item from List B AND List C. List B establishes identity and List C establishes employment authorization.

(Please read the above summary before before printing out and completing the I-9 Form [PDF]).

4. FERPA Confidentiality Statement:

  • All employees sign confidentiality statements with Spring Arbor University to protect the privacy of SAU students. Signing this form is an acknowledgement that you will comply with the confidentiality guidelines of FERPA and the policies of SAU.

(Please read the above summary before printing out and signing the FERPA Confidentiality Statement [PDF])