Spring Arbor University

Articulation Agreements

Current Articulation Agreements with Sending Institutions

Below is a list of the most current and effective articulation agreements between other institutions and Spring Arbor University.

Please note that curriculum specifications on any given agreement may have changed from the time of the agreement went into effect. Please contact the Spring Arbor University Office of Registration and Records for more information or any questions you may have.


Institutions Sending Students to SAU

Great Lakes Christian College (Teacher Education) – 2000-present

Jackson College (Early Childhood Teacher Education, degree completion) – 2013-present

Jackson College (Social Work, degree completion) – 2013-present

Michigan Transfer Agreement (General Education) – 2017-present

Michigan Transfer Agreement Signatories – 2017-present

North Central Michigan College (Teacher Education, degree completion) – 2000-present (Original)

North Central Michigan College (Teacher Education, degree completion) – 2016-present (Revision)

Oakdale Christian Academy (dual enrollment admission) – 2015-2018

Oakland Community College (all degree completion programs) – 2017-2020

Oakland Community College (RN-MSN degree completion) – 2017-2020

Stautzenberger College (Business majors, degree completion) – 2015-2018

Stautzenberger College (Family Life Education, degree completion) – 2015-2018

Stautzenberger College (Organizational Management, degree completion) – 2015-2018

Wuhan University of Technology (General Education) – 2010-present


Institutions Receiving Students from SAU

Michigan State University (3+2 Engineering Program) – 1995-present

The University of Michigan (3+2 Engineering Program) – 1995-present

TriState University (3+2 Engineering Program) – 1995-present

Western Michigan University (3+2 Engineering Program) – 1995-present


NOTE: The Michigan Transfer Agreement will apply for students transferring to other institutions.



Armstrong International Online University (CEU documentation only) – 2014-present