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Meet the Staff

Those working in the student development and learning office are passionate about students. Everything they do – they do it for you! Seeing students transform throughout their time at SAU is one of the most rewarding aspects of their jobs. They make the students’ welfare a top priority and work to nourish body, mind and spirit.

Below, you will find information on the Student Development and Learning staff members. Learn more about that person and what role they play in Student Development and Learning.

Student Development and Learning Staff

Kim HayworthKim Hayworth

Vice President for Student Development and Learning

Kim has served in several different capacities at the University since starting her career here in 1990. She continues her service as vice president, driven by her passion for students and her love for helping them become all they are called to be in Christ Jesus.

If you have questions, feel free to call Kim at 517.750.6331 or email her at kimh@arbor.edu any time.


Chelsae Burk

Administrative Assistant

B.A., Social Work, Spring Arbor University
Serving at Spring Arbor University since 2017
For more information about Chelsae, check out her profile on LinkedIn.
Office: 517.750.6563 Email: chelsae.burk@arbor.edu


Dan Vander HillDan Vander Hill

Assistant Vice President of Student Development and Learning

Dan started working for SAU student development in 1990. He supervises the areas of residence life, student government, and other aspects of student development. Dan loves activities and facilitating an environment on campus that helps create a genuine Christian community. Want to grow as a leader on campus? Dan can show you how.

Feel free to call Dan at 517.750.6367 or email him at danv@arbor.edu any time.


Brian Kono

Brian Kono, Chaplain University Chaplain

A large majority of students decide to come to SAU because of their experience in chapel. Current students will testify to the fact that the spiritual emphasis on campus is special here. Brian will make sure you have the opportunity to grow spiritually and make sure you are cared for while at SAU.

If you have questions about chapel, spiritual life, counseling or any special needs, feel free to call Brian at 517.750.6559 or email him at brian.kono@arbor.edu any time.


Scott Krebill

Director of Campus Safety

If you have any questions about campus safety, feel free to call Scott at (517) 750-6621 or email him at skrebill@arbor.edu any time.


Eric BedaEric Beda

Director of Office of Intercultural Relations (OIR)

Eric Beda, an Ivory Coast-born U.S. citizen, understands first hand the opportunities that education affords those who embrace it. Mr. Beda understands the essence of poverty and functioning without having the necessary resources. However, through perseverance, mentorship, and the ambition to succeed, he obtained his high school diploma with a math & applied technology certificate from Martin Luther King, Jr High School in Detroit. Upon completion of high school, he attended Michigan State University and obtained a B.S. in business. Mr. Beda is slated to complete a Master in Business Administration Degree in August 2013.

He has received numerous awards for his community involvement, including: the Midwest College Access Achievement award; named by Jackson Magazine on the cover of their “30 under 30” young leaders publication; the General Colin Powell 5 Promises Red Wagon; the Jackson Public Schools Outstanding award; the Negro Outstanding Business Award; Diversity Champion award. Also, Mr. Beda has been recognized for his multi-language experience in French and Japanese.

He is married to attorney Kristina M. Beda and they have two wonderful daughters, Hannah Rose and Juliette Kristina.

Eric Beda can be reached at 517.750.1891 or by email at eric.beda@arbor.edu

Bobby PrattBobby Pratt

Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Housing & Student Programs
Bobby oversees the housing sign-up process and handles building/maintenance issues. He also works with the student activities council to plan and schedule campus activities.

Bobby is a 1992 SAU grad. He started working for student development in 1999. He is currently working on a MBA from SAU. He is a skilled builder, just finishing up a new home for his family. Bobby and his wife, Angie, an SAU grad and current graduate student, have a two sons, Micah and Jesse.

If you have any questions about student housing or programs, feel free to call Bobby at 517.750.6532 or email him at bpratt@arbor.edu any time.


Residence Life Staff

Lucas Barres
Lucas Barres
Billy Stone
Billy Stone
Andrews Hall

Courtney Sanders
Courtney Sanders
Gainey Hall

Hannah Sinkovits
Hannah Sinkovits
Lowell Hall