Spring Arbor University

Jeff Tabone

Resident Director of Ormston Hall, Muffitt Hall, and Apartments

Jeff is originally from Harrisburg, Pa., and has been a part of the Student Development team since 2009. He holds a bachelor of arts in philosophy from Messiah College and a Master’s in Spiritual Formation and Leadership (MSFL) from SAU. Jeff is currently earning his Ph.D. from Michigan State University in Higher Adult and Lifelong Education.  In his free time, he enjoys exploring the outdoors (especially canoeing with his wife), reading quality books and sitting down with friends over a cup of coffee.

Jeff sees college as a time of transition and change as students are challenged both in and out of the classroom. This being the case, he looks forward to having the privilege of walking alongside the men and women of Ormston Hall, Muffitt Hall and the men’s K-Houses as they are faced with both the highs and lows of the college experience.

If you have any questions about Ormston Hall, Muffitt Hall or the Apartments, feel free to contact Jeff at jeffrey.tabone@arbor.edu or by phone at 517.750.6887.