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Senior Spotlight: Mya Bonnema

Mya Bonnema at 2022 Fall Commencement

Mya Bonemma ’22 left her hometown of Wayland, Michigan in 2019 to start her experience at SAU. After undergoing a change in her major and an intense spiritual journey, Mya graduated a semester ahead of her class in the Fall of 2022 and is excited to take the next step in her life!

Mya Bonnema ‘22 started her SAU expedition in 2019 when she felt the call from God to leave her hometown in the Grand Rapids area and move to Spring Arbor. Mya felt confident in her relationship with the Lord in high school, but looking back, she says, “Before coming to SAU, I was actually quite religious; my faith was more about doing all the right things than having a relationship with the Lord. What I said and how I lived were two very different things because I did not understand what it was like to build a true relationship with the Lord.” Since attending SAU, Mya has grown by surrounding herself with people who challenge her in her walk with the Lord. 

Her spiritual journey is not the only journey Mya has been on in college. Mya came to SAU hoping to become a medical doctor. She signed up for her biology and chemistry classes, but she told us, “at the last minute, and I mean LAST minute, I changed my mind. I just didn’t feel 100% at peace about it.” After she determined to come in undecided, she took an introductory class where she learned about programs offered at SAU and connected with students and professors to discuss different academic fields. She realized she was interested in communications, and after a professor recommended the Advertising and Public Relations major, she decided to jump into a new realm. 

In her major, Mya has had the opportunity to work with clients and deal with real-world problems in her communications classes. She has developed a personal relationship with her professors, who she knows care about her. With their help, she got a full-time internship and completed it in time to graduate a semester early. Mya also started working in the Marketing and Communications Office during her final year on campus. She has fulfilled many roles in the office by taking pictures, handling social media, and executing digital marketing strategies. “Working in the marketing department has diversified my experience even more than I expected,” she says.

What is next for Mya as she graduates SAU a semester early? She does not know exactly where she will end up yet, but she does know that the Lord has confirmed her passion for using the media for His glory and opened doors for her to do that. The Lord has been so intentional with how He’s worked in Mya’s life that she trusts He will guide her. “I am praying, seeking, and trusting that He will lead me, and I will follow His path.”

As she takes the next step in life, Mya offers advice to current and future students: “Your college experience is all about attitude and perspective – try to get involved, put yourself out there and remember that God is sovereign. It is not going to be perfect; learn to be okay with that!”

Written by SAU Marketing student Autumn Tingue.