Spring Arbor University

Student Group or Ministry Application

Please complete this application to be considered for recognition as a student group or ministry. Information that is needed includes contact information, faculty/staff advisor, a mission statement, etc. If you have any questions, contact Dan Vander Hill, assistant vice president for student development and learning, at ext.1367 or email danv@arbor.edu.

The student group application will be reviewed by Student Government Association (SGA) and Student Development and Learning (SDL). The group will be notified of the application status soon after it is submitted.

Once a student group is officially recognized by the SGA and SDL the group is eligible for the following at the discretion of SGA and SDL:

  • Reserving rooms on campus through their faculty or staff advisor
  • Promoting the group or group events through SGA or SDL websites
  • Posting chaplain-approved advertising in chapel
  • Hanging posters on campus
  • Petitioning for financial assistance through SGA for events
  • Part 1: Student Group/Ministry Contact Information

  • This is a
  • Part 2: Student Officer(s) On-Campus Contact Information

    Please provide contact information for at least ONE student officer.
  • Part 3: Faculty/Staff Advisor

    In order to be recognized as a student group or ministry, a faculty or staff advisor is required.
  • Part 4: Student Group/Ministry Information