Spring Arbor University

Fight Song Competition

SAU Fight Song Competition banner

Prize: $2,500

Participants: The Fight Song Competition is open to all SAU students, faculty, staff, alumni and other individuals supportive of Spring Arbor University.

Entries: Participants will write both the lyrics and the melody of the new fight song. Entries should include the melody, rhythm and chord structure. The tune should be upbeat, rousing and memorable. It should be easy to sing and should encourage crowd participation. It should include the words “Spring Arbor,” and should be appropriate for use at all athletic events and other university activities.

Entries should be submitted electronically to fightsong@arbor.edu. Entries should include the written materials plus a video performance of the song. Ideas regarding crowd participation motions may be included. The length of the song should be no more than 30 seconds. Participants may submit up to three entries. Submission deadline is July 1.

Finalists: All contestants agree that, should their submission be selected as a finalist, submission becomes the intellectual property of Spring Arbor University. Finalists also agree to the re-recording of their submissions if necessary to ensure a consistent quality for all recordings for voting. Finalists also agree that SAU retains full rights to cause renditions and arrangements of the fight song to be created, recorded and distributed.

In the event that fewer than three submissions are found to be acceptable either by the judging team, or by the university, the contest may be extended and deadlines adjusted accordingly.