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Student Spotlight: Jasmine Harper

Jasmine Harper

For freshman Jasmine Harper, life is all about relationships. The language arts education major thrives through the connections she makes, whether they’re with her peer advisor, her CORE classmates, her fellow Spring Arbor University Track & Cross Country Team members or even God.

“There are still a lot of people I don’t know,” says Harper. “Whenever I pass someone, I think, ‘Oh, I wish I knew her name!’ or, ‘I wish I could say hi!’ I just really like building relationships with other people.”

Though Harper is new to SAU, she’s no stranger to the extensive writing required by her education program. In May of 2017, she self-published her first book, “Extended: 150 Days of Inspiration,” with a little help from her mother and a few family friends.

Harper began writing the book while still a high school sophomore as part of her 2015 new year’s resolution. “I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I wanted to strengthen my faith,” says Harper. She wrote intending to share her work with others, hoping to build connections through faith, across time and space. In October, “Extended” received the North American Book Awards’ Gold Medal in the “faith based” category, ensuring wider spread, recognition and outreach.

Weaving scripture into every “Extended” devotional, Harper shares her personal thoughts and prayers with readers with care and vulnerability; she knows the Gospel and shares its message beautifully, and she readily admits to her struggles in adhering to it. Yet as she says, despite struggle, “There is literally nothing you can do to escape God’s love for you.”
That relationship with God is paramount to all else. In part it’s what drew her to SAU. The ways in which the track and cross-country coaching staff embody God’s love and the School of Education embodies Christ’s compassion were major factors in Harper’s decision to attend SAU.

With only one semester behind her, Harper already feels at home at SAU. On campus, Harper enjoys the company of her sister and fellow runner, senior Victoria Harper, plus all of the friends and connections she’s made here. Harper confesses she hasn’t missed her hometown of Clare, Michigan, as much as she thought she would. “There’s always something to do here, and there are so many good job opportunities for students,” says Harper. With her compassionate heart and intentionality in relationship-building, Harper will make a fine teacher after she graduates. In the meantime, she’ll keep writing and making friends at SAU!

“Extended: 150 Days of Inspiration” is available for purchase on Amazon, or from Jasmine Harper herself.