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Biblical and Theological Studies

About the Biblical and Theological Studies Program

The biblical studies program focuses on the history and contemporary practices of biblical interpretation, with particular attention on the role of the Bible as the church’s Scriptures. In addition, courses are included in theology and history of Christianity. In keeping with the academic values of the University, the biblical studies major provides a solid academic foundation for graduate or seminary studies. Students in the major and minor are expected to model a lifestyle becoming of a minister of Jesus Christ in covenant with the SAU program. Admission to the major/minor commits the student to a yearly renewal of this covenant through recommendations and review of the student’s campus life, academic performance and ministry activity.

Why should you choose SAU’s biblical and theological studies program?

Our program offers a unique blend of solid academics and spiritual formation, seen most readily in a central theological curriculum that all these programs share. This curriculum includes courses in the four areas that make up what is commonly known as the Wesleyan Quadrilateral: Scripture, tradition, reason and experience.

This program prepares students by helping them develop skills to enable them to engage the biblical texts. A particular strength of the program is the consistent concern throughout the curriculum to address theological concerns that are not only part of the ancient world but that also face the contemporary church. This theological approach gives students a broad understanding of biblical studies within a theological framework that prepares them for further graduate studies.

Courses, Course Descriptions & Four-Year Plan

The courses for the 57-hour biblical and theological studies major include such subject areas as:

  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Old and New Testament studies
  • Doctrines of the Christian faith
  • The history of Christianity
  • Christian ethics and spiritual formation

View the course requirements and layout, course descriptions, a sample four-year plan, as well as learn more about the biblical studies program at Spring Arbor University in the undergraduate catalog.

Career Opportunities

Students completing this major will find themselves prepared to go on to seminary or other graduate education, for specific kinds of Christian ministry or for university teaching.

To learn more about how Spring Arbor helps its graduates prepare for a career, visit our career development page.

On-Campus Opportunities

Spring Arbor University offers a wide range of activities and opportunities for students to get involved and apply what they’re learning in the classroom to real-world contexts. Here are some opportunities that may interest theology students:

  • Interfaith Shelter Ministries – Interfaith Shelter is a homeless shelter located in downtown Jackson. Spring Arbor students spend one day a week serving food and visiting with the people of the shelter. They also lead small group fellowships and organize an annual food and clothing drive. For information about volunteering at Interfaith Shelter, please call 517.789.8735.
  • Small Groups – Students have many opportunities to join a small group, whether it’s the Student Development and Learning small group program, a residence hall Bible study group, a prayer group, or accountability partners. Whatever your need, Spring Arbor University will be able to fill it.
  • Spiritual Life Retreat – Although students always look forward to activities like the traditional four-square tournament and the Frisbee golf competition, the real reason for the Spiritual Life Retreat is spiritual development and genuine life change. More than 150 students steal away for a weekend of games, good food and a gratifying, spiritual jumpstart to the school year. Students literally sleep outside the student development office to reserve a space for this wildly popular event.
  • Spring Break Mission trips –During Spring Break, a handful of mission teams gear up and hit the road to minister to and serve people around the country and abroad. For information, contact Cecilia Said at

See a full list of the various activities and organizations available to students at Spring Arbor University.