Spring Arbor University


Homecoming Welcome Tent

At Spring Arbor University, we understand the values of loving, learning and giving. The Spring Arbor University Concept encourages us to live together in Christian community, to learn and grow in the liberal arts with Jesus Christ as the perspective for learning, and to be people who give of themselves to make a positive impact in the world. That’s what makes our alumni so special. Click the resources below and explore. And make sure to check out our alumni portal for more alumni information.



Alumni Map – If you’re willing to invest in current students and alumni in your area of expertise, signup for the Alumni Map. This interactive map shows where our mentors are located and can be sorted by area of study.


LinkedIn – Create a LinkedIn account and join the Spring Arbor University group. There are 9,500 alumni connected on this page. You can filter alumni by areas of study, where they live, which companies they work for, and what skills they possess.