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Report a Student of Concern

The Student of Concern Process allows students, staff, faculty, and SAU community members to report concerning behavior exhibited by a student. If you are aware that a student is experiencing challenges or difficulties that concern you, please report the concern using the Student of Concern Form. The entire SAU community will benefit. It is our goal to intervene before the student reaches a crisis level. Examples of concerning behavior includes but is not limited to the following: a student exhibiting behavior significantly out of character, acting peculiar (and this is cause for alarm), displaying unhealthy or dangerous patterns of behavior, or continuing to seem distressed despite prior referrals made.

To file a report click HERE.

Report a Student Conduct Incident

Spring Arbor University promotes both community cooperation and interpersonal respect and seeks to cultivate an atmosphere where student health, wellbeing, and educational goals are the focus. The Community Standards set forth in the SAU STUDENT HANDBOOK are taken seriously because they help toward these goals. This form can be used to report violations to the student handbook and will be followed up on by the office of Student Development and Success.

To file a report click HERE.