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Tradition is a reminder of who we are. By shining a light on our institution’s past, our traditions connect us to those who came before us.

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Be a Part of the Tradition

At Spring Arbor University, our communal identity is shaped by tradition. From Parting at the Plaza to Cutting of the Ivy, your SAU experience will be rich with one-of-a-kind rites of passage. They’re solemn, celebratory, silly — and uniquely SAU.

group of male students showing excitement outside Andrews Hall

Welcome Week

Welcome to SAU! Whether you’re a new or returning student, you’ll find plenty to do during Welcome Week. Meet your peers, reconnect with friends and consider which clubs and activities you’d like to try your hand at this year.

smiling students say goodbye to friends and family at parting at the plaza

Parting at the Plaza

Parting at the Plaza marks the beginning of life within the SAU community for new students. After settling into your residence hall, you’ll say “goodbye” to friends and family and “hello” to SAU adventures ahead!

three girls laughing and celebrating spraying a gallon of milk in victory for winning the arbor games contest

Arbor Games

This Olympic-style competition pits residence areas against each other in games of skill, speed and luck!


Held in the Ogle Villages, Choptoberfest is SAU’s annual celebration of fall. Wear your favorite plaid shirt, and put your lumberjack skills to the test. We’ll keep the donuts fresh and the hayrides going all evening!

two girls holding hands with arms raised skating on a roller rink at 80s skate night

80s Skate Night

A totally radical evening — complete with big hair, tubular skate moves and all the music your parents used to listen to.

group of girls enjoying a carriage ride at hanging of the greens

Hanging of the Greens

Hanging of the Greens is SAU’s community-wide Christmas celebration. Invite family and friends to join us for a special Christmas concert, followed by candlelit caroling, fireworks, horse-drawn carriage rides and other activities.

Hanging of the Greens
students being handed their traditional late night breakfast strawberry by our accounting professor Dr. Globig

Late-Night Breakfast

Kick off exam week with the most important meal of the… night! Celebrate a semester of diligent study over bacon and eggs with friends.

Students performing at Lip Sync

Lip Sync

Gather your crew for this competition of choreography. Vocal talent not required!

man riding a bicycle throwing hot dogs at students in the crowd


This long-standing variety show is one of SAU’s most beloved student life events. Bring your couch to the gym for an evening of laughs, memories and flying hot dogs!

Students hands holding ribbon at Cutting of the Ivory

Cutting of the Ivy

You began your SAU journey in the Plaza. Now, it’s time to gather in the Plaza once again, on the evening before graduation! During this ceremony, you’ll receive your commission: Go live out the Concept in the world!