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Understand the patterns of human experience throughout history. Apply classroom discoveries to modern contexts.

Understand the past through a biblical lens.

Craft a future that focuses on understanding the past in its own context and applying those lessons to the modern world. Through lively in-class discussions, original historical research and your time with the Cross Cultural Program, you will be challenged to develop your own perspective on the past. More importantly, you will have the chance to examine the past through the context of Scripture under the guidance of talented, experienced professors.

Program Stats

32 credit-hour major
24 credit-hour minor
3 available concentrations

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At SAU, you’ll find professors who care about you personally. As a history student, you’ll learn from the following experienced and caring faculty members:

  • Mark Correll, Professor of History, Chair of the Department of History, Political Science and Geography
  • Mark Edwards, Associate Professor of History

Truly understanding history goes beyond knowing names and dates: it means creating your own perspective through careful research and study. Dig deeper than you thought possible into a variety of topics with these and other classes:

  • HIS 141 United States to 1877 (3)
  • HIS 302 19th Century Europe (3)
  • HIS 303 20th Century Europe (3)
  • HIS 306 The Makings of Modern Europe (4)
  • HIS 309 Civil War and Reconstruction (3)
  • HIS 310 20th Century America (3)
  • HIS 313 America in the 1960s (3)
  • HIS 368 Diplomatic History (3)
  • HIS 403 History of Biblical Interpretation and Criticism (3)

Find a complete list of history courses in the undergraduate catalog.

SAU history graduates are versatile, creative individuals skilled in problem solving, logical thinking and persuasive speaking and writing. When you leave the SAU history program, you will be prepared to enter any of the following fields:

  • Archival Work
  • Foreign Service
  • Historical Preservation
  • Law
  • Library Administration
  • Ministry
  • Museum Administration
  • Political Policy Construction
  • Secondary Education
  • Upper Level Education

Don’t just learn about history; make it! Your time at SAU offers great opportunities for unique life experiences – and learning – outside the classroom. Deepen your appreciation for the world around you with the following opportunities:

  • Model Arab League: Sponsored through the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations, this event seeks to help students understand the politics and history of the Arab world. Study a particular Arab nation with a team of SAU students, then “represent” that nation at a mock Arab League summit hosted at a participating Michigan university.
  • Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society: Become a part of this American honor society focused on excellence in research, teaching and publication. Established in 1921, Phi Alpha Theta provides an opportunity to present your ideas to others just as passionate about history as you are. Application required.
  • Scholars’ Semester in Oxford: Follow the footsteps of C. S. Lewis and the other Inklings while engaging in rigorous study with an Oxford tutor. The Oxford Scholar’s Semester could fulfill your Cross Cultural Studies requirement.
  • Undergraduate Research Symposium: Present your research to your peers and professors during this annual event. The top three essays receive a cash prize!