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Understand the patterns of human experience throughout history. Apply classroom discoveries to modern contexts.

Understand the past through a biblical lens.

Craft a future that focuses on understanding the past in its own context and applying those lessons to the modern world. Through lively in-class discussions, original historical research and your time with the Cross Cultural Program, you will be challenged to develop your own perspective on the past. More importantly, you will have the chance to examine the past through the context of Scripture under the guidance of talented, experienced professors.

Program Stats

32 credit-hour major
24 credit-hour minor
3 available concentrations

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At SAU, you’ll find professors who care about you personally. As a history student, you’ll learn from the following experienced and caring faculty members:

Truly understanding history goes beyond knowing names and dates: it means creating your own perspective through careful research and study. Dig deeper than you thought possible into a variety of topics with these and other classes:

  • HIS 121 History of Civilization I
  • HIS 141 United States to 1877
  • HIS 302 and HIS 303 19th Century Europe and 20th Century Europe
  • HIS 309 Civil War and Reconstruction
  • HIS 310 20th Century America
  • HIS 478 History Seminar
  • HIS 480 Philosophy of History

Choose one course from the following:

  • HIS 304 Geography and History of Russia and the Former Soviet Union
  • HIS 331 China, India, Japan
  • HIS 332 Africa
  • HIS 334 The Middle East
  • HIS 335 East Asia

Find a complete list of history courses in the undergraduate catalog.