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Music Ministry Leadership

Equip your gift for his glory

The Bachelor of Arts in Music Ministry Leadership is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare students for a career in music ministry. This degree program combines a strong foundation in music theory and performance with a deep understanding of religious and theological principles. Students in this program develop the skills and knowledge necessary to use music to enhance and support spiritual worship and community engagement. The degree program equips students with the musical skills and theological understanding necessary to lead, plan, and participate in music ministry roles within various religious traditions. Graduates will have the ability to use music to enrich spiritual experiences and foster a sense of community within Christian religious communities.

Student Outcomes


Proficiency in Music Performance

Graduates of this program will have developed a high level of proficiency in all musical instruments within the contemporary music worship setting. They will be capable of leading and participating in musical worship services, choirs, ensembles, and contributing to the spiritual experience of congregants. Students will also be able to lead worship with their primary instrument of choice (piano, guitar, or voice).

Theological Understanding

Students will gain a solid understanding of the theological and philosophical principles within Christian religious traditions. They will be able to connect the role of music to these principles, using it as a powerful tool for conveying and reinforcing Biblical text.


Worship Leadership

Graduates will be equipped with the skills to lead and direct music ministries within a Christian religious organization. They will know how to plan and coordinate worship services, select appropriate musical pieces, and engage with congregations in a way that enhances the overall worship experience. They will be able to adapt this music for various seasons and events within the church calendar.

Interdisciplinary Knowledge

Students will develop the ability to bridge the gap between music and spirituality by integrating music theory, performance, and theology. They will learn how to use music as a means of spiritual expression, fostering a sense of community and unity within religious contexts.


Program Highlights

  • Competencies in all contemporary worship music instruments including voice, guitar, and drum set.
  • Piano proficiency.
  • Practicum/Internship required.
    • Opportunities to work in the community and that can lead to future job placement.
  • Worship team leading on campus and/or with the summer worship team.
    • Chapel Band
    • Wellspring
  • Core Christian Ministry courses required.
  • Optional semester abroad at CMC Nashville with further concentrations in:
    • Audio Production
    • Songwriting
    • Music Business

Job Opportunities

  • Music Minister
  • Worship Pastor
  • Choir Director
  • Worship Leader
  • Church Music Director
  • Music Coordinator
  • Composer/Arranger
  • Worship Consultant
  • Private lesson teacher

Program Courses

A few courses within this 39 credit hour program are listed below:

Music Courses

MUS 105Music Theory I: Literacy3
MUS 106Music Theory II: Harmony3
MUS 205Music Theory III: Orchestration (Harmony II)3

Christian Ministry Courses

CMI 127Exploring Christian Ministry2
CMI 375Supervised Ministry1
CMI 401Biblical Theology of Mission3