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Spanish Elementary Education

Why this Program

Discover your passion for the Spanish language and culture to empower students to embrace other cultures. At Spring Arbor University, you’ll become equipped to serve as an educator and gain an understanding of what it means to appreciate the rich diversity of Hispanic cultures. Our curriculum of learning about Hispanic cultures and literature, immersive language experiences, and practical teaching opportunities will help you develop the skills needed to be an effective Spanish teacher.

Through our Spanish Education program, you’ll become a lifelong learner of the Spanish language and a teacher who brings their faith into the classroom. Our professors care about academic excellence and incorporating biblical values in their lessons, so that you can engage students in a meaningful way for both learning and building relationships.

Learning Outcomes

Students in the Spanish elementary education major will demonstrate the ability to comprehend and interpret the literature, civilization, and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. Students will identify issues related to the multiculturalism and diversity of the Spanish-speaking peoples. Spanish students will be prepared to teach Spanish in secondary schools in Michigan by preparing for the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) and the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

Program Stats

  • Total Spanish Elementary Education Credit Hours: 132
  • Spanish Elementary Education Major Credit Hours: 81
  • General Education Credit Hours: 51

Key Program Courses

  • EDU 140/140L Exploring Critical Skills for the Professional Educator and Lab
  • EDU 202 Issues and Trends in American Education
  • EDU 230 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 271 The Diverse Learner
  • EDU 321 Teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Primary Grades
  • EDU 322 Teaching Reading and Language Arts in the Intermediate Grades
  • EDU 346E Teaching World Languages (Elementary)
  • EDU 360 Integrating Technology in Education
  • EDU 366 Multiple Modes of Representation in Elementary Mathematics
  • EDU 376 Children’s Literature
  • EDU 424 Elementary and Middle School Reading Problems
  • EDU 429 Effective Classroom Management, Assessment, and Instruction
  • EDU 433 Applied Core Teaching Practices Across the Curriculum (PK-6)
  • EDU 430E Seminar in Teaching
  • EDU 450E Directed Teaching-Elementary
  • MAT 331 Foundations of School Math II

For more information about the course and classes within the Spanish Elementary Education Program, see the undergraduate course catalog.

Michigan Certification

Students desiring Michigan certification are responsible for meeting all certification requirements of the Michigan Department of Education and the State Board of Education, whether or not they are explicitly stated in the SAU catalog.

The SOE policies apply to all Spring Arbor University sites. However, procedures for carrying out certain policies may vary from site to site. Certain certifiable majors and minors are available at the main campus only. A student wishing to participate in these majors and minors must register for and attend classes at SAU’s main campus in Spring Arbor, Michigan.