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Dr. Inna Molitoris elected president of MASAL

Last year, Associate Professor of Business Dr. Inna Molitoris was elected president of the Michigan Academy of Science, Arts and Letters (MASAL), a regional, multidisciplinary professional organization of scholars. MASAL has operated in its present incarnation since 1921, holds an annual conference and publishes a peer-reviewed journal, “The Michigan Academician.” Dr. Molitoris has participated in MASAL activities and functions since 2006 when she first presented her graduate research at the annual conference’s business section. Soon, she was co-chair of the business section, then chair, then a member-at-large and part of MASAL’s informal board. During that time, Dr. Molitoris completed her doctorate in educational leadership and was given a full-time position at SAU. Now, she looks forward to her tenure as president of MASAL. “It’s a great opportunity,” she says. “We cannot stay isolated in our disciplines. We need to see all of the connections. It’s amazing how many doors can be opened when you communicate with other people in other disciplines. It’s informative and just fun. I love it.”