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Faculty Accomplishments: Dr. Richard Hintze & Shasha Wu


In the fall of 2017, director of choral activities and associate professor of music Dr. Richard Hintze traveled to South Korea to share his gifts and talents with the Won Ju Civic Chorale as their first American conductor. Based in Seoul, the Won Ju Civic Chorale is made up of 30 professional South Korean singers. Hintze conducted 12 pieces, including sacred selections such as “Gloria a Sanctus,” “Agnus Dei” and “Pacem,” as well as several American folk numbers. “I wanted them to really get a flavor for some American music, and it turned out beautifully,” says Hintze. Although Hintze only spent a few weeks with the Chorale, he took the time to memorize every singer’s name. Hintze stresses the importance of showing people you care. “God is a god of people, he cares about us, he knows our name.”


Associate professor of computer science Shasha Wu has spent two years researching and developing a computer system that assists doctors in analyzing patient information, specifically in traditional Chinese medicine. Wu has developed this system with professionals in business and medicine in China, as well as SAU alumni and students. “Our focus is to provide a convenient user interface that digitalizes patient information. We want to convert subjective measurements into objective descriptions so we can better analyze symptoms and treatment,” says Wu. The ultimate goal is to use artificial intelligence in order to provide insights to the doctor. The system is under customer testing currently, and the plan is for it to be used in hospitals next year. Wu sees this project as an opportunity to give students experience both in computer science as well as in international relations.