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Ganton Art Gallery to host showing of local historian’s research

Ganton Art Gallery Viewing

Spring Arbor University’s Ganton Art Gallery will showcase the extensive research and writings of local historian Linda Hass, who has studied Jackson County’s connection with the Underground Railroad and abolitionist movements.

The exhibition, Hidden History: Brought to Light, provides a visual guide that highlights noteworthy characters, places, and events in Jackson’s past. Through newly developed portraits, viewers can now see the faces of trailblazers who assisted traveling freedom seekers, launched anti-slavery crusades, and helped spread the message of freedom and equality.

The Ganton Art Gallery will host the exhibition from February 4 through March 4, with a guest lecture from Hass and her colleague, Maurice Imhoff on February 18th from 6-8 P.M. Snacks and refreshments will be provided in the lobby.